About Us

Pear Chef is a reimagined room service amenity for luxury apartment buildings. Our service works onsite, on-demand, and delivers a hot, fresh, seasonally inspired menu (including spirits) to your door. We never charge service nor delivery fees, and we always promise residents a restaurant quality dining experience in the comfort of their home.


In addition to room service, Pear Chef offers professional catering services, private cooking classes, and in-home personal dining experiences for residents and their guests.

A Letter from our Founder

Dear Residents:

Once upon a time (it was May 2018, to be precise), I was sitting at home after a particularly long day at work, contemplating the dreadful task of what to do about dinner. I’ve never been much of a cook, and I’ve always been pressed for time, but the thought of another lukewarm delivery food experience was making me “hangry.” “Wouldn’t it be grand,” I joked to myself, “if I could just summon a personal chef to prepare me a delicious meal on-demand -- and pair it with a glass of wine?”

A girl can dream, right?

Several weeks later, and voila! Pear Chef was born -- a modern food and beverage amenity that was created to improve the quality of life and community at luxury apartment buildings. Our high-touch service works onsite, on-demand, and delivers a chef-driven, seasonally inspired menu (including spirits) to your door. Healthy and indulgent, fast yet attentive, easy to use but sophisticated enough to anticipate your needs, Pear Chef is primed to fit into your lifestyle.

Now, as we grow our business here in Chicago and throughout the country, Pear Chef is constantly learning new ways to delight our customers, serve our communities, and be of special resource to our property partners. I feel so proud and fortunate to have assembled a team of such qualified chefs, hospitality experts, and colleagues who share a passion for service and making your night go right (sometimes a freshly baked cookie is all you really need in life).

We look forward to serving you!

Danielle Drabkin, Founder & CEO

Who We Are

Danielle Drabkin

CEO & Founder

Danielle Drabkin is a Chicago based entrepreneur who has had experience in both institutional real estate and tech. The marriage of these two industries combined with her passion for anything culinary led to her dream vision, Pear Chef. She gets most excited about executing a seamless experience for residents and learning culinary tricks from the Chefs!

Sara Kearney

Chief Hospitality Officer

Sara Kearney, a 35 year Hyatt veteran, joined Hyatt Hotels Corporation in 1984. Following various operations roles in several hotels over 10 years, Sara joined the corporate team to support operations for the North American hotels. In 1996, Sara moved to the corporate team of Hyatt’s international division where she supported the companies’ expansion in Europe, Latin America and Asia, as well as directed the expansion of call center growth into Australia, India and Germany. In 2007, she was selected Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the international hotels and the Park Hyatt brand worldwide. In 2010, Sara moved into the role, Senior Vice President – Brands where her goals were to define the customer experiences at the heart of every brand and differentiate and communicate the positioning of Hyatt’s brands.

Chef Roland Calupe

Executive Chef

Chef Roland recently returned home to Chicago after spending the past 4 years in Boston and Cambridge, MA.  He's worked for award-winning restaurateurs, talented James Beard winning chefs and has trained at Michelin starred restaurants around the country for over a decade.  In his free time, you might find him playing tennis or figuring out the riddles on Mickeys bottle caps.  He has lived in Italy, Colombia and the Philippines among other places for periods of time and is inspired by regional cooking techniques from his travels.  

David Kaplan

Chief Revenue Officer

Prior to joining Pear Chef, David Kaplan had 14 years experience throughout the alternative investment industry, working as a sponsor and representing emerging managers throughout real estate, hedge fund, and fixed income fields. Over that period of time, Mr. Kaplan raised over $150MM in assets from institutional investors including family offices, RIA's, and high new worth individuals. Previous to his investment experience, Mr. Kaplan worked in television and print journalism covering subjects spanning History, Major League Baseball, and real estate. He is the proud father of three children -- Rex (7), Jasper (5), and Hazel (1).

Amelia Hayden

Chief of Staff

With more than 15 years of experience in digital media operations, strategic partnerships, and marketing development, Amelia has worked at top brands including, Samsung, the NFL, CBS, and MTV Networks.  Her career has included leadership roles where she has supervised and trained staff on the design of fully integrated marketing plans, helping to connect audiences to the brands they know (and should know). She loves to travel and spent a year sabbatical traveling the world.  A Chicago native, Amelia is excited to bring her work and travel experience to Pear Chef.